Jonathan Nanpei / Graphic Design
Jonny Nanpei Design

Five Boroughs Brewing

The purpose of this project was to create and brand an imaginary beverage company. The Brewing Company is restaurant & brewery located in the D.U.M.B.O. (Down Under Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass) district of Brooklyn, New York. 
                When founder and native New Yorker Jonny Patrick was on a business trip to Portland, he and his colleagues found themselves at a local micro-brewery. Jonny, unsure what to order, asked the waiter to bring him the most popular brew. He returned with a chilled pint full of a dark, and aromatic beverage and placed it on the cardboard coaster in front of Jonny. Jonny raised the glass to his lips, and his taste buds came alive as he took his first sip. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He looked to the barkeep and asked him "My good man, what is this magical drink?". The bartender looked at him and said: "It's an IPA bro.". 


The FIve boroughs brewing company was a branding and package design project Based on a fictional brewery located in the dumbo district of brooklyn, NY.